5 Benefits of HOA living

Homeowners’ associations (HOA), or estates, as they are commonly referred to, differ from sectional title schemes in a number of ways, offering a few attractive advantages.

Let’s consider a few of the most significant advantages of living in an HOA:

  1. Lower monthly levies

Levies are typically lower than sectional title schemes as contributions are limited to common property expenses such as security, cleaning, gardening of open spaces, boundary walls, common roads, and lighting. Other expenses such as the maintenance of houses, insurance and the general upkeep of private areas on the property are the responsibility of the owner.

Lower levies mean that the owner is responsible for more expenses themselves for which the estate is not responsible for.

  1. More private space

Owners of homes in estates benefit from a living environment where they have more space around their homes and can enjoy their own gardens, swimming pools and garages. In sectional title schemes gardens, garages and roof top areas are very limited; even though some units may have gardens, it may not be smaller with limited or no privacy.

  1. Less noise than in sectional title schemes

Residents of sectional title schemes live in close proximity, meaning that any kind of noise can potentially be a disturbance to neighbours. In an estate, homes are built on individual erven with more distance between the homes and as a resultant, a lower likelihood of noise disturbance being a regular point of conflict.

  1. Better security measures

One of the biggest selling points of estates is the level of security offered versus that of a standalone home or sectional title scheme. Owners can expect tighter control of residents, especially visitors to the estate. There are far stricter controls in place when it comes to contractors working at individual homes or on common property. Perimeter fencing will be monitored around the clock by security cameras and/or guards on foot. Overall, the security measures, procedures and technology used on estates will be advanced compared to sectional title schemes.

  1. Additional facilities

Estates generally have more space available that allows for facilities such as a common club house, games room, play area for kids, and communal swimming pool. In schemes aimed at the elderly, frail care facilities and medical assistance may be offered. These days it is not uncommon to find services such as transport and business centres on some estates catering for those who may still require access to an office or that are unable to drive around on their own.


Estate living is very popular because of the added benefits it offers but remember that these benefits come at a higher price. While the monthly levies in an HOA may be low, owners have to pay a lot more (for the maintenance of their homes) compared to the owners of a sectional title scheme where (external) home maintenance are shared and largely covered by levies.