We offer a professional and efficient property management service to community schemes owners. Clients can expect precise financial management along with an efficient, hands-on property management approach. Stonewood’s property management services include the following:


  • Distribute monthly levy statements to owners.
  • Collect monthly levies, electricity and other sundry charges.
  • Draft and mail correspondence with monthly levy statements when required.
  • Credit control of all levies until point of legal hand over.
  • Open current and savings trust accounts in the name of the community scheme.
  • Circulate conduct rules upon statutory amendments.
  • Maintain all correspondence with owners and trustees
  • Pay ad hoc invoices that have been authorised by trustees.
  • Pay monthly contractual accounts.
  • Pay rates (where applicable) and utility accounts.


  • Arrange and attend the first general meeting and subsequent annual general meetings.
  • Take minutes at meetings and distribute to all the owners.
  • Attend trustee meetings when required, take minutes and distribute to all trustees.
  • Store minute books, rules, insurance policies, sectional title plans, etc.
  • Attend to proxies, nominations and agendas of meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute notices and circulars to all owners.
  • Maintain statutory and permanent records

Personnel and payroll management

  • Payroll management of salaries and wages in conjunction with trustees and directors.
  • Calculate and pay UIF and PAYE deductions.
  • Attend to annual and bi-annual statutory submissions to SARS.
  • Maintain staff records.

Financial management

  • Keep full records of the administration including proper books of accounting.
  • Cash management.
  • Assist the trustees or directors to prepare the annual budget.
  • Prepare annual book of accounts for review by trustees.
  • Prepare annual financial statements for submission to auditors.
  • Keep records of all monthly income collected and monies disbursed of.
  • Prepare and submit monthly financial reports (balance sheet, levy roll, credit control report, investment account, bank statements) to the trustees or directors.
  • Periodic review of monthly expenditure.

Management reporting

  • Provide a detailed monthly income statement and budget variance report.
  • Provide a schedule of levies in arrears.
  • Provide a levy roll and cash flow statement indicating monthly income and expenditure.
  • Reflect bank balance, surplus funds and bank reconciliations at the time of reporting.


  • Assist the trustees and directors to obtain quotes and to implement insurance values for replacement purposes.
  • Manage common property insurance claims on behalf of the body corporate of HOA.
  • Assist owners with insurance claims if related to common property causes.
  • Assist trustees and directors with the annual renewal of insurance policies.
  • Assist trustees or directors to obtain property valuations for the purpose of insurance replacement value.


  • Arrange venues; draft and dispatch invitations and other relevant documentation.
  • Attend to proxies, nominations and agendas for general meetings.
  • Attend meetings as per agreement.
  • Prepare the minutes of the annual general meeting and the trustee meetings attended.
  • Maintain and update minute books.

Advisory services

  • Advise on amendments to the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA).
  • Assist and advise on procedural matters for general meetings, special general meetings, quorum requirements, resolutions and voting rights.
  • Assist and advise on enforcement of rules adopted by the body corporate or homeowners’ association.


  • Assist trustees with maintenance issues relating to the common property.
  • Arrange and submit requested quotes to trustees.
  • Liaise with contractors to have work done.
  • Inspect work by contractors as and when requested by the trustees.

Statutory records and amendments

  • Submit amended sectional title plans to the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) for certification.
  • Keep and maintain a register of bondholders and owners in the scheme.
  • Submit amended management rules and conduct rules to the Community Schemes Ombud Service CSOS for certification.
  • Issue levy clearance certificates.
  • Attend to change of directors. Submit any amendments to the records of the scheme to the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS).
  • Distribute all certified amendments to the members of the scheme.


  • Stonewood make us of registered attorneys capable of managing any legal action required to collect outstanding levies or advise on the legal affairs of the scheme..

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