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Stonewood Property Management is a professional property management company specialising in the administration of community schemes such as sectional title bodies corporate and homeowners’ associations (HOA). We offer an efficient and cost-effective property management service to property owners in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape.

Our fundamental understanding of the property management industry and our in-depth knowledge of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and the Community Scheme Ombud Service Act qualify us to offer relevant and trusted advice and to perform management functions with skill and efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive collection of property management services ranging from financial management and attending general meetings to insurance, maintenance, and much more.


Stonewood Properties was originally established in 2004 and a decade later Eris Property Group acquired Stonewood Properties. Eris is a commercial property development and services group providing a range of property services in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Eris was formed in 2008 following the restructure of RMB Properties (Pty) Ltd and is established as a prominent property development and property services company in the South African property industry. Eris undertook another major step in its evolution when MMI Holdings (a listed insurance group) came on board as a majority shareholder in 2012.

With Eris’s support, Stonewood Property Management is secure in the knowledge that our operation is strengthened by a group with an extensive footprint and cooperative network.

In November 2015, Stonewood acquired Diamond Property Management in Cape Town in a deal that secured Stonewood a strong and established presence in the Mother City. This supported the overall objective of growing Stonewood’s property management service into a nationally established business.


Today, we manage 160 community schemes in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg with our portfolio growing steadily. Stonewood adds value to the schemes under our management through a comprehensive list of services offered.

Furthermore, we’ve integrated WeconnectU‘s community management software: an online, paperless system facilitating user access to a community scheme’s financial information, compliance documentation and more.

Contact us on (021) 200-6009 or (011) 775-1000 to extend an invitation to your next trustee or director meeting.

Why we are an excellent choice as your property management partner?

1. We are a respected and accredited property management business.
2. We conduct our business with integrity.

It is important to us that our clients grow to trust us and we seek to continuously earn their trust. We strive to always do the right thing, especially when no one is watching. Our company logo is a compass which represents integrity as the driving force of our moral code. We strive for an honest and trusting relationship with all our clients.

3. We have the required fidelity and professional indemnity insurance.

As a responsible managing agent, we take our responsibility as custodian of your community scheme’s money very seriously. To that end, we have a Fidelity Fund Certificate as well as Professional Indemnity and fidelity insurance. This covers all the schemes we manage from any error or misappropriation of funds while under our management.

4. We believe that knowledge drives client satisfaction.

As a developing business, we aim to improve our service every day through learning and growing as a team – and as a business. The ultimate prize is to meet the needs of our clients and to satisfy their service expectations through applying ourselves and clear communication.

5. We are trusted and experienced financial managers.

Efficient financial management of a community living scheme means that stringent financial control measures are put in place to ensure the financial health of the scheme. Good budget planning will ensure sufficient capital to fund necessary maintenance and renovations every 7-10 years, negating the need to raise crippling special levies.

For the sake of transparency and security, we open a separate trust account on behalf of every scheme under our management. We use a professional management system tailored to the property management industry to report on financial matters for bodies corporate, HOAs and estates.

6. We have established relationships with service providers and other relevant bodies.

Our long-standing relationships with maintenance service providers, local municipalities and professional advisors such as attorneys and insurance brokers are used to daily the advantage of our clients.

Certification, accreditation and insurance

National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)

We are a proud member of NAMA – an association focused on shaping the sectional title industry into a recognised professional representative entity for managing agents. Through educating managing agents, contractors, suppliers and trustees, NAMA aims to improve professionalism in the industry and establish it as an authority on community schemes management.

Our NAMA membership certificate.

Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA)

As a registered member of the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA), we comply with the annual submission of trust account audits and individually managed bank accounts on behalf of our clients. This ensures additional peace of mind for our clients and safeguards the funds we manage on their behalf.

Our PPRA Fidelity Fund certificate


Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC)

We are comprehensively insured by the PPRA’s Fidelity Fund for theft and misappropriation of all funds under our management.


Professional Indemnity Cover

We are insured for any claims against the company. This ensures sufficient cover for any potential loss by a body corporate under our management as a result of dishonesty or wrongful advice dispensed by any of our staff


Fidelity Insurance

For additional peace of mind, we are covered by additional fidelity insurance for any eventuality of fraud or misappropriation, or dishonesty by employees of Stonewood Property Management resulting in financial loss for our clients. This cover extends to an amount of R5 million.

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