safety in sectional title

How to keep your sectional title scheme safe and secure

Section 4(c) of the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act No. 8 of 2011 provides that the body corporate may exercise the power to purchase, hire, or otherwise acquire movable property for the use of owners for their enjoyment or protection, or in connection with the enjoyment or protection of the common property.

With increasing concerns for safety and security, more people are carefully weighing up the safety aspects of living in sectional title complexes compared to freestanding homes, and are willing to sacrifice space and privacy in exchange for improved safety and security.

The body corporate should regularly review safety measures in place in their complex with a view to improving and updating the measures to further enhance the complex’s security. Below are some suggestions for improving safety in the complex:

  • Armed response: Ensure that all owners are informed of the necessary emergency response numbers and that armed response notice boards are prominently displayed.
  • Security guard: Ensure that security guards are appropriately trained and certified and that guard shifts, patrol routes, and visitor access identification procedures are implemented and routinely monitored.
  • Electric fencing: Ensure periodic maintenance and testing of the fence and fence energiser.
  • Security gates: Consider upgrading security gates and access control with unique codes/tags for each unit.
  • Pedestrian gate: Ensure that the gate mechanism locks after use by installing a self-closing mechanism.
  • Gate motors: Ensure that the motor and the battery backup system are maintained and in proper working condition, and gate closing timer is set correctly.
  • Security lights: Ensure that sufficient security lighting is strategically placed around the complex and that lights are regularly maintained and in working condition.
  • Day/night lighting: Ensure that open parking areas, stairways, and common property dark areas are appropriately lighted.

It is also worthwhile for the body corporate to review the existing security infrastructure and keep abreast with new safety and security technology available to further enhance and improve security in the complex such as:

  • The Visitor Management Solution (VMS) for community schemes is a cost-effective and user-friendly security solution that enables clients to manage and control visitor access via a smartphone app or online portal.
  • CCTV security and surveillance is a remote monitoring and management tool that communicates via an existing or new fiber connection. It offers the expertise to scope, design, install, manage, and monitor CCTV, alarm, access control, and industrial control systems using a single platform.

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